Rubber Ball Weekend '06

Published: 11 December, 2009 - Featured in Skin Deep 142, February, 2007

Held between Thursday the 5th and Sunday 8th October, 2006, (thus nicely timed to coincide with the London Tattoo Convention), the Rubber Ball weekend was, as always, the largest and most eagerly awaited event on the annual fetish calendar.


Kicking off at the Café De Paris was a memorable evening, where Flash Monkey, presented Cabaret Casbah, a burlesque extravaganza of exotic entertainment, comprising live Music from top class musicians as well as circus and fairground sideshow acts. Headlining was the notorious and mega talented, ‘Bastard Son Of Tommy Cooper’ with glamorous assistant ‘Minnie’, both of who are well known for their frequent appearances at various tattoo conventions and from their involvement with the ‘Circus Of Horrors’. My personal favourite on the night was the haunting, quirky performance by the lovely Anna Arachnida, which was unlike anything I’ve seen previously on the burlesque circuit. Dress code for this event was essentially retro, slick, elegant and definitely glamorous, refreshingly different from the usual fetish garb.

The following night it was the turn of the Torture Garden, the UK’s largest regular fetish club, who staged a huge party in their own inimitable style, bringing TG’s particular and sophisticated brand of magic to the Rubber Ball weekend. Performers included ‘Suka Off’, from Poland, Midori and Kumi, Jodie Harsh and Ryan Styles, Lazlo, as well as infamous TG regulars, the always entertaining and often brilliant, ‘Empress Stah’, and, on the main stage, the ‘Psycho Cyborg’ team who once again shocked and amazed clubbers with their stylish suspension and freak show feats.   

On the Saturday, the Rubber Ball itself was the event at which to be seen. Billed as the world’s celebration of fetish glamour and style, clubbers could explore all of seven themed areas as well as view installations, a fabulous series of fashion shows, and listen to both live music or an impressive line-up of DJ’s. For those wishing to engage in a more hands on, interactive experience, there was always the opportunity to watch, or play within the impressively equipped and well monitored, dungeon area. Performers, exhibiting a wide variety of styles regularly took to the stages situated around the venue, adding to the night’s multi-faceted, sensory overload. Most impressive were the traditional Japanese rope bondage shows performed by Cle from Belgium, the speed, expertise and aestheticism with which she tied and suspended not only her male assistants, but finally herself, I have yet to see surpassed by any similar rope bondage practitioner.    

Bringing an end to an incredible night was a brilliantly funny show entitled,
‘Dick ‘n’ Tracy’, performed by the infamous Crazy White Sean and Lisette, aka, Vivid angel, both of whom are well known and loved on the tattoo and performance scenes.   

To round off the weekends’ events, for those who still had the energy to party, there was the grand finale, this year staged at Abacus.  Here, the UK’s best known and loved fetish clubs, including Subversion, Club Rub and Club Severine, joined forces in order to bring revellers a party at which to dance and play, finally bringing an end to four days of fun and debauchery. In addition to all of the aforementioned events, and for those of us who were at a loss for what to wear, there was also the Skin Two Expo, held on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th at the Barbican Exhibition Centre, where an impressive selection of the best and most innovative, fetish fashion and accessories could be tried and purchased.   

The Rubber Ball weekend could not have been better timed, as the range of parties and club nights staged proved to be the perfect complement for the incredibly well attended London Tattoo Convention. Congratulations to the Rubber Ball team, TG Promotions and all of the others responsible for ensuring that this series of events ran according to plan and schedule, this was a massive undertaking and a resounding success.
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Photography and Text: Ashley Photographer's Assistant: Jose Angel Korn


Skin Deep 142 1 February 2007 142