Cardiff 2006

Published: 01 January, 2010 - Featured in Skin Deep 139, November, 2006

This year saw the 2nd “Street Art Vs Tattoo Art” convention in Cardiff running as a 3 day event on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September. The venue was the old coal exchange in Cardiff Bay, the same as last year. Friday 1st was just for the street art and the Saturday and Sunday included tattoos and tattooing. Due to a mix up I only made it down for the Sunday but I was glad I did make it as there was some brilliant work being done.

Rob of Silverhand jewellery who organizes the show had decided to do something different and as far as I’m aware totally unique (I bet some smart arse will tell me that it has been done somewhere before). He had the competitions for all comers on the Saturday and on the Sunday had competitions just for work done at the show over the weekend. There were six categories and then the overall winner was the piece that got the highest score in total. I don’t know how or why it hasn’t been thought of or done before but I think it was a brilliant idea.

Ok, so who was there working, well the line up included Gary Wiedenhof & Jason Corbett from Inkredible Kreations in Perth, Paul “Myth” Naylor from Indigo tattoo in Northwich, Darren Stares, John Treherne, the crew from Tattoo UK in London, Ian from Comedian tattoo, Scotland, the crew from Las Vegas tattoo in London, Emma, Lady Luck tattoo, Portsmouth, Carl Duquemin, Ink Addiction, Oswestry, Chris Hatton, Physical Graffitti, Cardiff, Frank Moore, Shamanic Body art, Westcliffe on Sea, Ruth Sanderson, Two Does Tattoos, Newton-Le-Willows, Lee Clements, Chameleon Tattoo, Barry, Chris Jones from Abracadabra in Blackwood and Andrew McQuade from No Regrets in Newport.

As I was only down for the one day I did miss quite a bit of what was going on entertainment wise for which I apologize but as there was so much good work on show and being done my main time was spent tracking it all down, also I ended up being one of the judges for the competition (something I’ve managed to get out of doing for a while now) along with Sally from Total Tattoo and Brian Nye.

I wish there hadn’t been the mix up just before the show as I really enjoyed it and would have liked to have been there both days, I’ll make sure I’m there next year!!

One of the things going on that I missed was a suspension demonstration and seminar by Alex, which I think would have been very interesting and there was also lots happening on the stage, which was all being compared by the unmistakable Johnny Dee.

Hopefully the photos make up for the lack of text and if you can’t get to all the shows next year put this one down in your diary.


Text & Photos: Paul Callaby


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